Two Final Exam Questions

In Uncategorized on April 5, 2012 by alannapollock

The first final exam question I think would be appropriate is, explain, in your own opinion, what it means for you to teach (and learn) through inquiry? There are a few reasons why I think this would be a great question, and the first would be because there is a big push out there right now for us to teach though inquiry, and in order for us to be able to do that successfully, I feel that we need to make sure we understand what exactly inquiry is to us. In addition to this, we all know that everybody may have a different perspective or opinion on the significance of inquiry after we have learned about it, practiced it and have actually been taught using it. Secondly, inquiry has been something that we have discussed many different times throughout the semester, and as a result I have placed a lot of importance upon it. For instance, on our very first day of class we started out by doing an inquiry activity, then later in the semester we had discussions on inquiry, and also in some of our last few classes before pre-internship we actually received some practice teaching inquiry based lessons to the class. As a result of this concept coming up regularly, I think that it is important for us to start developing an understanding as to what role this instructional strategy may play in our future classrooms, and I think that by answering the above question we will being working towards figuring the this out.

The second final exam question I think would be appropriate is what types of values or beliefs do you hold that you think will influence your teaching practices? We didn’t spend a great deal of time discussing these ideas directly, but we did spend one class talking about what types of things may affect the way we teach. Therefore, I understand that it may not have been a huge focus of class material, but at the same time I think that our beliefs have played a huge role among everything we have learnt or taught this semester. I think that every time we were given an assignment, we were having a discussion or we were being taught something our beliefs or values would shine through. I think that at times it was very easy for us to question why someone would teach something they way they did, or why they would assess something in a certain way, and I don’t think many of us took the time to determining why we felt that way.  I don’t think many of us realized, or took the time to consider the fact that our opinions on the above issues were probably based on the beliefs or values we hold individually. As a result, I think it is important that we are able to start determining what types of beliefs or values we actually do hold; as if we are able to do this we will be able to start understanding why we may be experiencing certain situations, whether they occur in our classrooms, or other classes around us. I also think that it is important for us to come up with an answer to this question because it will enable us to see why we may not like some of the new instructional approaches there are out there. I don’t think saying we don’t like something is a good enough reason to not use something, rather I think it is important that we are able to give reasoning’s for our hesitations.


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